Welcome to my GITA 1 webpage

Hello, my name is Micah Budd. This is my webpage for my GITA 1 class. I'm learning C#. C# is a coding language that can be used in games. Using this code can be difficult, but it is a lot of fun making games. I have all of my projects posted so you can download them. You can download them by clicking on the image of them running. You then click download in the top right of the screen. After that you click on show in folder. After that you can double click on the zip file. Then double click on the regular file twice. After that double click on bin. Then double click on debug. Finally, double click on the name of the program that is an application. This will bring up a warning that you just need to click more info on then click on run anyway. This will run the program for you.

Goodbye Program


This program uses buttons to say "Goodbye" in four different languages as well as dispaying the country that speaks that language's flag.

Help Page


This program uses buttons to give you information on a company. It additionally allows you to change the color and size of text.

Mailing Label


This program formats your information into how it would be on an envelope.

Car Rental


This program calculates the cost of renting a car, keeps track of how many cars people return, and calculates how much was made the whole day.



This program calculates your BMI.

Car Rental Upgrade


This program calculates the cost of renting a specific car, keeps track of how many cars people return, and calculates how much was made the whole day.

Test Score Calculator


This program calculates the average of two tests and tells you the letter grade, the average percentage, and which score was higher.

Dice Program


This rolls dice. It will give you the sum of the dice and the percent amount of the numbers 1-12 you have rolled.

Craps Dice Game


This program will allow you to play the craps dice game digitally, even moving your point.

T-Shirt Sales Program


This program gives you different T-Shirt size options, the extended price of a T-Shirt, the price of one T-Shirt, and the total price.

Slot Machine


This program will give you 1 random item in each slot out of five. If you get all three the same you get the jackpot. You have to enter in money to pay as well.



This program will let you choose rock, paper, or scissors for player 1 and 2. It will display who won after you reveal each hand.

Fish 1


This program has a fish move left or right and counts the amount of times it bumps the sides of the tank.

Fish 2D


This program allows the fish to swim up and down as well as left and right. The program keeps track of how many times the fish bumps the top, bottom, left, and right. It also allows a shark to eat the fish.



This program will allow you to play Tic-Tac-Toe against yourself or another person.



This program calculates any numbers sequence, odds, evens, factorial, and fibonacci sequence.

Basic AI


This program has an AI follow you and hurt you. You can shoot him and drop his health to get points. If he drops your health to zero the program stops and you lose.



This program makes stars appear, get bigger, and go out from the center of the form to make it look like you are going through a starfield.



This program has 20 fish, a shark, and a boat with a hook. If the fish hit the shark they drop to the bottom and become skeletons. If they hit the boat they become skeletons and stick to the hook.

Number Array


This program gives you the highest, lowest, and average out of 5000. Only some of the numbers in between 1 and 5000 generate.

End of the Year Project


This game has enemies that attack you during the night with varying damage. You get a dagger to start and later get a gun.