Russian Spread of Misinformation

The Russian spread of misinformation that was so big and talked about in 2016 has not gone away. Many other countries along with Russia have been developing specific bots that are aimed to create division among the American people. These bots create an online persona that gain followers and likes from real people. Then these real people are used to create even more uncertainty, anger, and division.

These Russian influence operators have done very well to create memes as well as other likeable and sharable content. These don't do anything to share about Russia and only try to divide the American people. The bots that gain a following are really devisive because they use the people who support them to create more division. This can be as simple as arguing over weather a joke is good, or if a political joke is correct or not. All these small things can often create hate and division with the other side.

Not only have they made bots, but the Russians have also employed hack-and-leak tactics. This is great collateral for the Russians as shown in 2016 when documents stolen from the Democratic National Committee were found on websites such as WikiLeaks and then put into news headlines. This "does change press cycles during campaigns,” DiResta said. She also said to watch out for attempts to hack voting machines. This isn't to change electoral outcomes but to make people doubt the process.