Neuralink is a device that will be implanted into someones head that will allow them to communicate with things such as phones and computers. Neuralink will have a chip on the outside of the head that will communicate back and forth with the technology and the brain. This is something Elon Musk tweeted could help parapalegics use their legs again.

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This new technology has now been tested on both a pig and a monkey. On the pig the Neuralink was able to pick up smells and translate them as neurons. Not only that, but you could see neurons firing in real time. This is already showing a huge leap to be able to pick up those signals.

Pig Neuralink

Just to add onto how crazy this new tech is, it has now been tested on a monkey. This monkey was trained to move the cursor into an orange box to get a banana smoothie using a joystick. The neuralink was able to map the neurons in his brain that made the movement happen to allow the monkey to control the cursor while the joystick was unplugged. It was so good at this that it even allowed the monkey to play pong.

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